DataPolis Workflow Solutions

Drag and drop designer to model a process and create a workflow

A web-based designer allows anyone to lay out process logic using icons to represent roles, states and actions then deploy the resulting workflow at the push of a button. Put a SharePoint group or user into a workflow role then drag and drop it onto an action icon to assure that only authorized users can execute actions such as approvals.

Powerful activities designer to automate functionality

Just click on action icon on workflow designer to open the activities designer. It allows SharePoint heavy users and IT Pros to create advanced workflow functionality and automate tasks without cluttering the business layer. You can quickly define an activities tree without programming by using out of the box functions.

Applications bring the order and accelerate the workflow creation

Datapolis Process System lets you convert workflows or 3rd part modules into Datapolis Applications, stand-alone objects that may be used inside other workflows and by external solutions. Datapolis Application help simplify and organize the process system, support process improvement, control changes bringing order to the workflow system and the whole SharePoint environment.

Central administration to manage the process system

Datapolis Central Administration lets you manage, monitor and tune a complex process system from within SharePoint. Simplify security management, increase workflow performance, monitor thru-put, reduce errors and control changes from a central location.